Planetary Colors

colorsIn addition to wearing astrological jewelry, another easy way to attract positive planetary influences is to wear clothing that incorporates different shades of the planetary colors. Each day of the week is associated with a particular planet and color: Monday – Moon, pearl white; Tuesday – Mars, coral red; Wednesday – Mercury, green; Thursday – Jupiter, yellow; Friday – Venus, white or multicolored; Saturday – Saturn, blue; and Sunday – Sun, ruby red. Wearing the designated color on the appropriate day enhances that planetary influence. Another option is to wear colors of the prominent, benevolent planets in one’s chart or to wear the colors that correspond to one’s birth sign and birthstone.

The Planetary Colors logo is a simplified version of the original nine-planet yantra. A yantra is a mystical diagram, symbol, or talisman that invokes specific powers or energies.  In our logo, we’ve matched the traditional positions of each of the planets with their corresponding colors. This gives our logo the added benefit of attracting the positive and protective influences of all nine planets.