How does  astrological jewelry work?

According to astrological texts, the planets influence one’s life through the colored rays they radiate as gravitational, electrical, and magnetic energy fields. Transmitted as light waves, the colors radiated are identical to the colors of different gems and semi-precious stones, which absorb this energy from the various planets. The astrological potency of gemstones is very strong because, of all the elements in nature, they constitute the most concentrated form of light.

These planetary rays can be drawn from the stones when they are worn on the body as jewelry, touched regularly, or kept in close proximity in one’s environment, where they can be displayed as decorative stones or objects that are in the home or office.

Ancient sources and scriptures from around the world have recognized that gemstones emit powerful energies which are capable of influencing one’s fate and destiny. Effective use of selected gemstones can energize a person and produce positive consequences. They can also drive out negative energies that may be causing physical sickness, psychological imbalance or emotional suffering. As carriers of the planetary rays, gems can deliver peace, prosperity and happiness. They can ease life’s difficulties and can award their wearer fame, good reputation, power, success and fulfillment.


Why is Navaratna the king of astrological jewelry?

Navaratna is considered the king of astrological jewelry because it combines the 9 planets and their gemstones in a single piece of jewelry. Nava means nine and ratna means jewel. These 9 planets namely the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. These last two ‘shadowy planets’ of Vedic astrology correspond to the ascending and descending nodes of the Moon respectively. Each correspond to a particular gem found in nature. When one gem is worn it tends to focus on a particular problem where as when you wear the Navaratna you get the benefit of all 9 gemstones all at once. It is for this reason the Navaratna is called the king of astrological jewelry.


Which gemstones are associated with which planets?

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What is the benefit of each gemstone?

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What is Rahu and Ketu?

The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are associated with the moon. These two ‘shadowy are mystical planets’ of Vedic astrology which correspond to the ascending and descending nodes of the Moon respectively.


Is the quality of the gemstones important?

The quality of the gemstones is very important, both the semi precious stones and precious stones are important for the overall effect that the Navaranta jewelry has on those who wear it. The key thing however is the stones should not be flawed. Gems in nature correspond to the most concentrated form of light found in nature. This is why precious stones are much more expensive than semi-precious ones. Obviously precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc. constitute an even more powerful way to attract the positive energies from the respective planets into ones life compared to the influence of semi-precious stones.


Why is the my zodiac birth sign different from that of western astrology?

birthstoneIn Vedic texts dating back thousands of years there is a 23 degree difference of calculation in astrology. This means your birth stone may probably not be what you think it is. While there are many ways to calculate one’s birthstone, the easiest is to use the sun zodiac sign of the birthstone and its following chart, shown on the left. For more detailed information visit: http://www.drewlawrence.com