Personal Testimonials

“Not only are these pieces of jewelry attractive and well-made (I’ve received many compliments already), they have improved my piece of mind. Since I started wearing the pieces, I have become more relaxed, more focused and just ‘more balanced’. I could not be happier with the product. I love it.” — Leslie D., PA

“I enjoyed my previously ordered jewelry so much that now I want to give one as a gift.”
— Deborah G., NE

“I love this jewelry. Beautiful and meaningful.” — Alison R., MA

“It seems like almost everyone comments on how beautiful it is, and how they can’t take their eyes off of my pendant. I have found that when I wear my pendant life can become effortless. I am much calmer and my days are more prosperous as well as I feel I am sending a beautiful vibration to the world.” — Rishi S., NC

“It’s perfect for my mother!” — Christine S., MI

“The Planetary Gemstones necklace is a powerful protective tool disguised as a beautiful piece of jewelry. I can wear mine anywhere, anytime. I loved reading the information in the accompanying gift book.”
— Diane, Lubbock, TX

Testimonials from Stores

“We have enjoyed having these items in our small Unity church bookstore. Nearly every Sunday, someone comes in to tell me how many compliments they have received on their jewelry. I usually wear my pendant when I am working in the bookstore, and as a result have generated much interest in the items, especially in the explanation of the gemstones and their meanings.” — Pat, Unity of Bellevue Bookstore, WA

“Although the Navaratna has been utilized and appreciated by learned people for thousands of years, never before has there been a presentation of this auspicious tool that is as attractive and affordable as Planetary Gemstone’s rendition of the Navaratna. Its sheer beauty alone has made it attractive for a wide range of my customers, some of whom have reported a noticeable difference in their life since wearing the Navaratna.”
— Arci, Kindred Spirits, NC

“Professionally speaking I know the nine gemstones all placed together are working to enhance the well being of my clients. It’s easy to suggest they pick one up because they cannot go wrong with its incredible influences of prosperity, protection, and not to mention the effect on the current state of health and relationships.”
— Rishi, Nataraj Kunj, TX

“When I first saw the picture of the Navaratna talisman in New Age Retailer I could instantly relate to its beautiful energy. I immediately placed an order. Upon wearing my talisman, within three days something marvelous happened in my personal life. Now many of my customers are wearing the Navaratna talisman as its energy relates beautifully to the crystals they wear. All of them are very happy!”
— Rev. Conchita, Crystal Sanctuary, PR